USB C Dock
credits: techcrunch

A new USB-C dock, The TwelveSouth StayGo, has been released by the company. It will make a great and unique Mac and iOS device accessories. The company maintains its track record of offering a slightly different and popular accessory and which also have excellent result.

A short USB-C to USB-C cable is a unique twist in the StayGo. It slots right into a dedicated compartment on the dock. It offers a portable connectivity, and you will not need any awkward heavy permanently attached cord. You will not have to face the problems related to the direct USB-C dock connectors like when they stick out and can potentially get damaged in your bag or scratch other stuff.

If you want to switch between a desktop and a MacBook, or a Mac and an iPad, a second, three-foot cable is also included in the box. You can conveniently just plug this cable into your Mac. Its very convenient for anyone who travels or who does any out-of-home work at all to have these two cables instead of just one, and also the stowable short cable. However, its looks a quite simple thing.

Another interesting and useful thing in the Staygo is its ports. A right mix of different ports has been provided by the TwelveSouth for its users. There are three high-speed USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, a USB-C connector at which you can charge up to 85 W. A 4 K 30 Hz HDMI port and also both SD and microSD slots supporting UHS-I transfer speeds, which can also operate simultaneously. A traveler or working photographer will have everything he wants in a very space-saving design.

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Staygo has also proved that it is outstanding in performance. StayGo will definitely able to deliver solid, uninterrupted performance, when you’re trying to transfer photos from a shoot because there is nothing more difficult than random unmounting of memory cards.

Twelvesouth‘s Staygo will sometimes get a bit warm, when operating. However, it will never get very hot and also the aluminum case construction is there that helps it to shed excess temperature, quickly. It can be a bit expensive for you if you compare it to the other hubs you see on Amazon, but also it offers you much more than these hubs.

If you compare its price to its reliability, specs, port load out and its interesting approach to blending portability and at-home convenience, you will surely feel that Twelvesouth is more than justified in setting that price point for the StayGo.