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Twitter is launching new tests, which will label the notable replies with special icons. With this launch, Twitter is opening new ways to make conversation threads easier to follow. The original poster tweet will have a small microphone icon next to their profile picture, if he replies or comment in the thread. Some other tweets may also get labels for example, users who were mentioned in the original tweet and also all the replies from the users you are following on twitter. Symbol (@) will be used to label these and a small person icon with a checkmark by it, respectively. Twitter is testing a series of experiments on making its product easier to use, specifically for the conversations that are quite lengthy. And this one is the latest one.

A test was done by the company in the beginning of this year, and it was titled for the original poster in the conversation thread as “Original Tweeter”. A few months later this title was changed by the company to the “Author” and it created confusion for many of us. After that, two other labels were added by the Twitter for the people who were mentioned in the original tweet and replies from those people you are following.

However, they will take up valuable screen space of small mobiles as these are texts labels. The already text-heavy interface are also cluttered up by them with more distracting text to read. However, this problem is not with the new icons. But they are also difficult to see as they are also small and light gray and white in color.

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Well, the original meaning besides these label testing are not yet cleared to anyone, who are not using different online forums, as on these pages it is very common to use a microphone to show the original poster’s replies or comments. Moreover, the labeling of the original poster can be understood, but the other labels, we think is something extra that they are offering.

This change is minor as it is just one thing from all the other things that Twitter is doing to make its service simpler and more approachable. An experimental prototype app called twttr, is also in progress and Twitter is testing new ideas around threaded conversations using it, for example using color-coded replies or branching lines to connect tweets and their responses.

Moreover, we still feel that Twitter is not as difficult to use as the company think it is, therefore, these changes are somewhat unnecessary.