The previously leaked and tested smart plug is now a reality, Smart home appliance maker Wyze has now decided to expand its lineup to introduce a new connected wall plug that’s up for preorder today in a pack of two for $15. The device is pretty standard, that connects to an outlet, communicates with the Wyze mobile app, and allow you monitor and control power to whatever happens to be plugged in, be it a lamp or a coffee maker.


It works in coordination with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but notably not Apple’s HomeKit, as is the case with a lot of smart plugs out there. It also comes with some good features like scheduling, a 15 amp maximum load for more power-hungry devices, and a vacation mode that turns on certain lighting appliances at random to give the appearance that you’re home to any would-be burglars.

The plug works with Wyze existing cameras and home security sensors so you can sync automation between them, like having an appliance turn on or off when a door is opening or closing. Wyze’s main pitch ultra-cheap smart gadgets which are reliably high-quality doesn’t hold quite as well in the smart plug market. There are some scores of well-reviewed smart plugs on Amazon, often sold in packs of two or even four, going for $15 to $30.

Though Amazon makes its own which is naturally placed high up in search results. It also means that it’s going to be harder for Wyze, as the company is trying to make a name for itself selling indoor security cameras for far cheaper than the competition. Especially when the most basic functions of a smart plug aren’t all that complicated to pull off.

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The company is known for making its affordable smart camera, they also offer Wyze Sense smart sensors, and just last week we awarded the $8 Wyze Bulb our Editors’ Choice award. If you already have some Wyze products then you definitely know the company might be more inclined to expand your existing smart home ecosystem to include wall plugs from the Seattle-based startup. At $15 Wyze has become the cheapest and it beats Amazon, Gosund, Kasa, Teckin, and other top sellers on the price by $10 or more.

The company says you can preorder a pair of its smart plugs from its website starting today, with a shipping window of September 2019. The Wyze Plug’s maximum load is 15 amps and it is ETL-listed for safety. Wyze is calling this an early access period where supplies are allegedly limited. You have to order the plugs now, and they ship in September. You don’t need to buy any other Wyze products to use these plugs, as they can connect directly to your WiFi network, no hubs needed at all.