autonomous delivery robots

In a blog post, Amazon announced first California deployment of Scout bots. In the Irvine, California area, Amazon’s Scout six-wheeled, sidewalk-driving autonomous delivery robots have begun making deliveries to customers. The company has also noted its experience to date. Vice president of Amazon Scout Sean Scott wrote:


While in the Pacific Northwest, Scout has experienced all of the region’s weather from the expected rain shower to the infrequent sun, and even the biggest snowstorm the area’s seen in the last decade,”“It’s now time for Scout to experience a little more sunshine.”

However, the company has many chances to face the severe weather conditions in in its first distributions in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle. So, At-least we can say that the little blue bot should have a smoother time in sunny California weather-wise.

Currently, only a small number of autonomous delivery robots are working. So, it is not necessary that all the Irvine residents will get a glimpse of one just yet. According to the Amazon, these robots will deliver orders to their customers from Monday to Friday, in daylight hours. This will not depend on the option you selected for delivery, as robots will be sent out at random for orders placed by customers through Amazon as usual. All the delivery options including same-day and one-day service for Prime members, will be available.

The whole point of the project to begin with is that the robots can drive themselves around, for this time they will be accompanied by an Amazon Scout Ambassador. The Amazon staff included in this project will answer questions from people in the neighborhood and also take note of their reactions. They will work as part diplomat, part research associate for the project. However, there are also other points in this project which are quite interesting.

On daily basis, these robots will not yet actually interact with people too much, especially out in the world. So, the one basic part to start their service commercially is to learn that how people will interact with them. And after that they will work on those interactions of robots which might be altered or improved.

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These scouts are watertight, six-wheeled, cooler-sized drone. They were developed, built, assembled, and programmed in-house by Amazon engineers. These are designed to be robust, with wheels made of material firm enough to survive the rigors of daily sidewalk driving. Cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and other sensors that enable it to detect and maneuver around obstacles in real time are also fitted in them.

According to the Amazon, Scout rovers have already completed “thousands” of deliveries to customers passing all the obstacles like trashcans, skateboards, and lawn chairs, easily. But obviously still, alot of thoughts have been going on these scouts so that they could have a design that looks and feels more approachable also having strong features.