iPad pro

According to a new report from Macotakara, Apple will release an iPhone with a triple-camera setup on the back and the company’s next iPads might also get multiple rear camera systems. The report cites a supplier out of China and says that the 2019 iPad Pro has the possibility to be released with a triple-lens. While the regular 10.2 inch iPad might come with a dual-camera system. 


Presently, the iPad pro-only features a single 12MP camera, so going from a single-lens to triple-lens array in one year would be a notable jump. The iPad Pro does not support features like Portrait mode with the rear camera. The rumored new camera hardware for the 2019 iPad Pro would add features like that, as well as improve performance in areas such as augmented reality.

Too, Apple updated its iPad mini and iPad air earlier this year and it is expected to unveil some additional updates for the iPad and iPad Pro later this year. It also includes the new camera system. Moreover, the source cites accessory diagrams from Apple suppliers, which point to the iPad Pro getting a bigger camera array. The most talked-about iPhone 11 is rumored to be getting a similar system.

It noted that the 6th generation iPad could come with the same dual-camera setup that the iPhone 11 LCD model will have. The site says that the models could launch in October. For quite a while, Apple has introduced a dual-camera system in its iPhone models. But they haven’t carried them over to its tablets, the latest model has a single camera with a 12-megapixel sensor, the latest iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad come with 8-megapixel sensors.

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It looks like multiple camera system would be Apple future project, precisely the company’s AR ambition. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the triple-camera array in the upcoming iPhones would be used for augmented reality apps and that the iPad Pro could also get the same system. The iPad is expected to arrive alongside the iPhone 11 series at Apple’s hardware event next month, September 10. Pre-orders for both the iPad and iPhones should kick off on Friday, September 13 with a release happening seven days later on Friday, September 20.

As far as both iPad models are concerned, the 2019 11-inch and 12.9-inch Pro models they will likely to be introduced at a separate event Apple will hold in late October as it did last year. The new model may also be joined by a 16-inch MacBook Pro model and by some other Mac-related products.