Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Today was the launching event of Samsung, and the company has announced two versions of its flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone. The regular Note 10 and the bigger Note 10+, the tradition of the big-screened, super-powered, stylus-toting phone is still there but Note 10 comes with something new which is the Note’s stylus and power crammed down into something a little closer to the size of the Galaxy S10.


The price of Note 10 starts at $949 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The Note 10 Plus starts at $1,099 with 12GB RAM / 256GB storage and you can spend $100 more to get 512GB of storage. Both devices are available for preorder today and shipping will start on 23rd August. Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is also available for preorder and would be exclusively available on Verizon for only a limited time. Like every other phone Note, 10 is made of metal and glass but Samsung has put the focus on overall fit, finish, and build quality.

The phones are packed with Samsung’s design trends, the bezel is about as close to gone as possible on the top and bottom, and completely gone on the sides thanks to a curved screen. Moving on, the hole punch for the single selfie camera is smaller than ever on the Galaxy S10. The fingerprint sensor is hidden away under the screen. The cameras are lined up in a vertical row off to the side as on the iPhone, but there are three of them so it doesn’t look like a straight copy. Even the S Pen stylus is nicer now, with a Unibody design.

Moreover, the edges are squared off instead of rounded, the stylus is sitting there in its silo. Note 10 Plus is still really big, but also really thin. Samsung has done a very good job by making such a large phone with such a lightweight. There is no headphone jack, the company says it used the extra space for more battery. Also, Samsung is including USB-C headphones in the box, but not the dongle, which costs $9.99.

Surprisingly, the Bixby button is gone, instead, space is integrated with a long-press option on the power button. A double-press of the power button still launches the camera. All the buttons are aligned on the left side of the phone, which you might get used to it with time. The phone comes in four colors marked with the word “aura” to connote that everything has a kind of iridescent shimmer to it. The screens are, predictably, gorgeous HDR10+ certified OLEDs, Samsung says the Note 10 Plus has a 4,300mAh battery and the smaller Note 10 uses a 3,500mAh battery.

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However, both sizes are an upgrade from the 4,100mAh and 3,400mAh found in the S10 Plus and S10. Both phones use standard USB PD for high-speed charging, and the Note 10 Plus can work with adapters up to 45W. There’s a single selfie camera on the front and three on the back: wide, regular, and telephoto. Samsung has added a time-of-flight camera to the Note 10 Plus.

The most interesting things are the new AR doodles and the 3D scanner, you would be able to draw objects in 3D space and have them persist or attach to a person’s face. It also showed a full 3D scanner, which creates a file you could 3D print or use to put 3D characters into your photos.