bluetooth speaker

Yesterday Sonos invited media to come to learn about new hardware later this month, the company is already working to release new products through the FCC. Model numbers S17 and S23 are now listed on the FCC’s site. All credit goes to Dave Zatz for spotting them. One of the two devices filed with the FCC is the Bluetooth speaker.


Sonos directly states that it’s a high-performance wireless speaker and part of the Sonos sound system. The primary function of the device would be for streaming with Wi-Fi but also features Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth Low Energy, used for simplified setup. However, no other previous model of Sonos speaker had supported Bluetooth feature, though the Sonos One includes BLE for the same reason of easier setup.

The product label for S17 features a curved blue line running across it, which could be a reference to the speaker’s unique functionality in the Sonos lineup. It will also integrate with the company’s multiroom audio platform like any other Sonos device. According to the filings, it mentions that this unannounced Sonos product includes a USB-C port and an ethernet jack. The latter is found on all of the company’s existing speakers.

On Friday, a source published some photos of the portable Sonos speaker. It has a more rounded design than the Sonos One but shares identical controls on top. While other Sonos speakers require Wi-Fi to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other content from popular streaming services. It is the first time ever that Sonos will support Bluetooth pairing, letting you play any audio from a Bluetooth-enabled device and ensuring that the speaker will work at times when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Not forget to mention, the company previously mocked downsides of the Bluetooth speaker in its advertising. Sonos added support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 to its more recent speakers, as well. The Bluetooth speaker represents a new category for Sonos as the company continues to expand upon its product lineup through new first-party hardware and collaborations with other companies. Sonos recently collaborated with Ikea on speakers that start as low as $99, and its technology has also made its way into high-end architectural speakers from Sonance.

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On Thursday, Sonos sent out media invites for meetings later this month that will likely revolve around new products coming sometime this fall. Talking about the S23, which the exact same label style as the Sonos Amp, which looks like a revamped version of the old Sonos Connect. No other current Sonos device, other than the Amp, shares this circular fine print, and it makes sense for the Amp and Connects to share a similar design, with the Connect priced significantly lower.

The Sonos connects will allow you to plug in speakers around the house that don’t require amplification and join them with your Sonos multiroom audio system. It also has an input for receivers, CD players, turntables, and other things which you want to play over your entire Sonos system.