direct message inbox

A new way to filter unwanted messages from your Direct Message inbox is being tested by the Twitter. Users today are allowed by the Twitter to set their Direct Message inbox as being open to receiving messages from anyone. Because of this setting, a lot of unwanted messages thus can be in your inbox including abuse messages.


One solution will adjust your settings of Twitter account. After these settings, private messages will be send by those people to you, who you are following on your twitter account. But this solution will obviously not work for every user, like reporters and influencers. These people want to have an open inbox, as they want to have to have private conversations and also receive tips.

In this new experiment, a filter is being tested by Twitter which will move all your unwanted messages, including those with offensive content or spam, to a separate tab. All messages are being arranged by Twitter, instead of combining all of them under one tab or single view. All the messages from the people you don’t follow, will be under the section of Message requests. Below this option, users will find a way to newly filtered messages.

To read these unwanted messages users will have to click the button “Show”. It will protect users from having to face the stream of unwanted content that can pour in at times when the inbox is left open. All the content itself is not immediately visible, even upon viewing this list of filtered messages.

If any content that is potentially offensive, and Twitter identifies it. The message will be hidden by Twitter along with the message that it may contain offensive content. In this case, the decision will be taken by user that if they want to open the message itself or just click the delete button to trash it.

For those users who prefer an open inbox also an additional means of clamping down on online abuse, direct messages will become a more useful tool after this change. Messages from people user is not friends with are relocated to a separate Message Requests area, it is similar to the Facebook messenger. Also all the spam messaged and others are find in the filtered section below.

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We are not sure that why a filter like this is being tested by Twitter, as most of the people would want junk and abuse filtered out. And other can easily turn off the filter if they don’t want it in their settings. Since late 2017, Facebook Messenger has been filtering messages in this way. However, it already feels like another example of Twitter’s slow pace. It should just launch a change like this, instead of “testing” it.

Twitter has been testing the idea of hiding content in other areas. In Canada, last month it began piloting a new “Hide Replies” feature. This feature allow users to hide unwanted replies to their tweets, so that they are not visible to everyone. These tweets are being placed behind an extra click, instead of deleting them.

Twitter announced several changes coming to its platform, at a press conference this week. A way to follow topics, plus a search tool for the Direct Message inbox, as well as support for iOS Live Photos as GIFs, the ability to reorder photos and more, all are included in these changes.