cloud download feature

In an attempt to refresh the procedure of users refreshes their PCs, Microsoft has revealed they are testing a particular way you reset or refresh a Windows 10 PC. It is a cloud download feature for resetting Windows 10 when hardware fails or the OS needs reinstalling. The feature isn’t available for public testing just yet, it will appear on devices when you boot a machine in a failed state.


This feature will likely be the same way Apple handles macOS reinstalls, with the option to reinstall macOS by downloading a copy from the cloud. Recently, Microsoft has been using a similar feature or its surface lineup, which allows them the devices to “recover from the cloud” by downloading a copy of Windows 10 and reinstalling it.

Insiders might notice some references to cloud downloading relating to PC reset or refresh. The company said in a blog post on Wednesday, this feature isn’t available and working quite yet. We’ll let you know once it is, so you can try it out. Moreover, the existing support tools for Windows from laptops like Dell, Asus, HP, and more usually involve a copy of the OS on a partitioned part of the drive or third-party tools to restore from the cloud or a USB key.

Microsoft appears to be addressing the many different ways you can recover from issues on multiple laptops, and hopefully provides an easy method for anyone to use. Other features of this test preview include the single-window mode to let users open new snips on the current app window, improved zoom features for screenshots of smaller images and bug fixes. Currently, Apple is handling macOS reinstalls with the option to reinstall by downloading a copy from the Cloud.

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The feature will likely be a key for Microsoft windows lite, and Windows Core OS (WCOS) efforts. Microsoft is nowadays creating a simplified and Chrome-OS like a version of Windows 10, and being able to restore that to devices without plugging in a USB device could be key for some of the hardware that will run Windows Lite. Microsoft will also need to ensure it has the full support of OEMs and all important drivers for this to work well. So expect to see this feature roll out gradually to machines once it’s even ready for testing.

Hopefully, we will learn more about Cloud download feature details sooner than later. Preview Build 18950 belongs to the 20H1 development branch of Windows 10, the version anticipated debuting in the first half of 2020. Microsoft will probably want to test any recovery options before publicly releasing them. The build is currently available to Fast ring members of the Windows Insider Program and it will reach Slow ring members later.