Area 51 raid

Area 51 raid event, a Facebook event that went viral and was opted “going” by 2 million people on Facebook have now been officially cancelled by creators as creator fears Humanitarian Disaster.


Matty Roberts, the original creator of the Area 51 raid event has teamed previously with Connie West, owner of Little A’Le’Inn,  a small restaurant in the area, to make this event possible but before anything actually happens, the creator of the event has withdrawn the event and converted the event to music festival and shifted the event to Downtown Las Vegas by making an announcement at the event page that says

“For anyone planning to attend, come meet me at the Official celebration on September 19 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center”

Also on the Alien Stock website, the creator and his team have made an official announcement to discontinue any affiliation with Little A’Le’Inn.

Creator states on its website that due to the lack of infrastructure, planning, and risk management, along with concerns raised for the safety of the expected 10,000+ attendees, they have decided to transition Alienstock away from the Rachel festival towards a safer alternative.

Matty have also officially disconnected from the Little A’LE’INN, Rachel NV, and any AlienStock’s affiliation with them. He also stated that he will no longer offer logo, social media, website or his likeness or scheduled appearance.

AlienStock will be moving to a safe, clean secure area in Downtown Las Vegas as an alternative.

We are not interested in, nor will we tolerate any involvement in a FYRE FEST 2.0. We foresee a possible humanitarian disaster in the works, and we can’t participate in any capacity at this point.

It now seems that event may go ahead but definitely not anywhere near Area 51 as there is now a new event from the same creator with name “Area 51 Celebration” whose details state that it will be music festival that will happen on 19 September 2019 in Downtown Las Vegas and the required age to attend the event will be 21+.

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