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Criss Fowler, a former riot games employee, accused Joe Miller, an ex-EU League of Legends shout-caster and current ESL head of talent of sexual assault via Twitter on Thursday.


Fowler initially did not name the person in the story but after several other individuals came forward to corroborate Fowler, she named the person today as Joe Miller.

I was too scared to initially name the EU shoutcaster mentioned in my first story, but I’ve had everyone who was there that night corroborate events. 3 other women in esports/gaming have DM’d me to say he was inappropriate to them too and I feel responsible for them.

Joe Miller.

— Criss (@aeridel) June 26, 2020 via Twitter

Criss stated in her story that this first happened on April 6, 2014, when she was about to start her new job as a Social Media Specialist at Riot games. She stated that she tried to remain professional but Miller continued to pursue her for months.

Another unnamed identified woman also tweeted a similar story about Millers after seeing the Criss story.

After this story came up, a game designer at Riot games also tweeted

I was there that night. The party happened in my apartment in Santa Monica. Criss told me soon after what had happened. Joe Miller is a creep and an abuser.

– Daniel Z Klien

Fowler’s accusations came in the wave of similar stories posted by dozens of women from the gaming industry earlier this week. Many women shared stories of alleged gender-based discrimination, harassment, abuse from dozens of men, and slow or nonexistent responses to these events from the institutions.

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