Apple ARM-Based Macbook

Apple’s first ARM-based Macbook will reach out to the market by the first quarter of next year. This year, WWDC was a vital moment for Macbook as Apple officially announced the long-awaited move to launch its own processors i-e ARM-based Macbook. The long-standing rumors of Apple leaving Intel-based chips have been proved right.


According to the report stated by noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s first ARM silicon-based Macbook will include MacBook Air and also MacBook Pros with 13.3, 14, and 16-inch screen sizes. According to Kuo, Macbook pro will enter mass production in the last quarter of this year and Macbook Air may also join it, and these machines will hit the market at the beginning of next year.

Apple has already launched its first ARM-powered machines which are currently under the use of developers to prepare ARM-based applications to be included in new ARM machines. These mini Macs will be returned to the company after the release of new macOS ARM machines.

Apples’ move to switch processors from Intel to its own silicon chips based MacBooks may provide many benefits but there seems majorly three advantages offered by ARM: connectivity, battery life and speed. However, Apple has just confirmed the switching but not revealed exactly which model will this be. As per the company’s expectation, this transition from Intel to Apple’s own chip may take almost two years.

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