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Google introduces Traffic Lights icon in Google Maps

Traffic Lights in Google Maps
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Google Maps is testing new features to include traffic lights icons in its Android app. This feature is currently available in Google Maps to build 10.44.3 and Google also confirmed that this feature is being tested.

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According to screenshots published by Droid Life, Traffic lights icon is visible when you are browsing a specific area and also when you are navigating to a particular location. The tech giant is testing it in major cities in the US including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angles and plans to expand it to other cites in later times.

“To help people stay better informed on the road, we’re testing a Google Maps feature on Android that shows the location of traffic lights in select cities across the US,” a Google spokesperson said.

This is not the first time Google Maps is showing these lights. In Japan, this feature has been available for ages. Traffic lights icon appear as small in size but grow in size while navigating from one place to another.

With this expansion, some other features are also being included in the Google navigation app. The search giant also working on capabilities, major ones are ‘the ability to see the times of day when transit stations are most busy’ and information about wheelchair-accessible locations. Having this information handy, planning the route to avoid more traffic lights, stops signs or busy areas gives a more comforting picture of the journey to the drivers.

Apple is a step ahead of Google Maps with its iOS 13 showing traffic lights and stops signs. The feature is more advanced with voice integration, Siri gives directions about the traffic lights or stops signs ahead when there is a turn ahead.

Apple is also planning to give out some major updates to its mapping app with the launch of iOS 14 updates in the coming fall, cycling directions and local guides are among some of the additional features. With google’s advancements and the announcement of addition to its app in recent months in Maps, let’s see which company is taking the leap in providing ease to app users.

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