Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers, a part of Verizon Media Group since 2017, is a website where people ask questions is finally shutting down after 16 years of service. It will shut down permanently on May 4, Users will no longer be able to ask silly questions like “Can a guy get pregnant?” after April 20 and users will no longer be able to access their data on Yahoo Answers after June 30, before that they can access their data and ever download their valuable data through signing into Privacy Dashboard.


Websites like Reddit and Quora are still working even in the reign of Google but Yahoo has made it clear that they have lost to Google. Yahoo Answers was made to replace “Ask Yahoo” but now Google has taken its place.

Yahoo has a history of selling or shutting down its pieces as Yahoo messenger was shut down in 2018 and Yahoo group was put to rest in late 2019. And now Verizon Media Group has decided to put an end to Yahoo Answers.

It used to be a place to connect and share ideas in a time when there were no social media sites. But now when there are tons of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, people tend to visit these sites instead of Yahoo Answers. Moreover, It was not comparable to a search engine like Google. People prefer to use Reddit and Quora for their questions instead of Yahoo Answers.

The reason for shutting down Yahoo Answers is not that it sucked or it wasn’t valuable but they are shutting it down because of money. A tweet went viral on the internet stating that American Tech would burn the library of Alexandria if their accountants told them it’s no longer making money.

It was built to connect and ask valuable questions in 2005 but people turned it into waste by asking dumb questions. People have enjoyed reading funny questions and their answers but after 16 years Yahoo has lost to Google and is shutting down.

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