Solar Eclipse Fake Video

A 30 seconds video of Gigantic Moon Eclipsing the Sun in the Arctic region between Russia and Canada went viral on the internet on Wednesday which has more than 20 million views is actually a Fake video.


Most people shared the video with the following titles

“Imagine sitting in this place during the day(in between Russia and Canada in Arctic) when the moon appears in this big size for 30 seconds and after blocking the Sun for 5 seconds diappears. Glory to God for his creation.”

“This is Artic.. Between Russia and canada. moon appears this big and disappears within 30 seconds. What a sight!”

The video was originally published on TikTok by an artist aleksey__nz and it has crossed more than 20 millions views. It is the same artist that has previously shared the “UFO on Moon” video.

There are some points to be noted here which proves the fact the video is fake, 1st one is that the arctic region doesn’t have grass any time of year because it is full of snow the whole year while the video has a grassy area.

2nd point to be noted is that the moon does not cast any reflection on the lake shown in the video. 3rd point is that the video came at a time when the world is waiting for the mega cosmic event – Super Blood Moon on Wednesday.

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