WhatsApp Animated Stickers

WhatsApp is testing Animated Stickers for its coming update

Whatsapp might be testing new features that will let users send telegram like new Animated Stickers in their chats. This feature was previously available...
apple closes stores in china

Apple is closing all stores & offices in mainland China due to coronavirus

Apple is temporarily closing down all its stores and offices in mainland china due to coronavirus outbreak till 9th February 2020, company said in...
Fall Season Google Doodle

Google Celebrates First day of Fall Season with Doodle

Google today celebrates first day of Fall Season with a doodle that is shown in countries located in Northern Hemisphere of the World. This...
Area 51 raid

Area 51 Raid – Live Updates: nearly 2000 came, 1 arrested and 1 detained

Area 51 Raid, an internet joke that became an internet sensation subscribed by more than 2 million people on Facebook have actually been able...
Area 51 raid

Area 51 raid cancelled but US Air Force still sending reinforcements

Area 51 raid, a Facebook event that went viral and was cancelled by the creator fearing humanitarian disaster but despite the Area 51 raid...
Apple Fifth Avenue Store

Apple Fifth Avenue store will reopen tomorrow after Renovation

Apple today have previewed the reopening of is flagship Apple Fifth Avenue Store having iconic glass cube entrance that will be reopen tomorrow for...
Google Assistant New Voices

Google Assistant adds new voices for you in nine countries

Google today have added new voices to Google Assistant in nine more countries while it is currently available in 11 English voices in USA...
Storm Area 51

Storm Area 51 Basecamp will be the only event to happen in Nevada

A new Facebook event "Storm Area 51 Basecamp" has been announced by George Harris, owner of the Alien Research Center in Hiko Nevada. While...
Area 51 raid

Area 51 Raid cancelled as creator quits fearing Humanitarian Disaster

Area 51 raid event, a Facebook event that went viral and was opted "going" by 2 million people on Facebook have now been officially...
16k Resolution

Sony 16K Crystal LED TV for home theaters may cost $1 million

Sony unveils first ever 16K resolution crystal led tv for home theaters system, which was previously available for use in commercial and entertainment venues....