Vaping Death

Vaping Death toll rises to five due to mysterious lung disease

Vaping Death toll have increased to five due to mysterious lung disease. Health official on Friday have urged people to stop vaping until there...
Area 51 raid

Area 51 raid event opted “going” by 2 million people on Facebook

Area 51 raid event, a Facebook event, created by a Gaming Video creator, Smyleekun named "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us"...
Jack Dorsey Account Hacked

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Personal Twitter account has been hacked

Twitter CEO - Jack Dorsey's personal twitter account has been hacked on Friday afternoon by a group of hackers that calls itself as Chuckle...

Facebook is developing a new messaging app for Instagram called Threads in its latest...

Reportedly, Facebook is developing a new messaging app called Threads, it will be tied to our Instagram account and is meant to promote constant,...

Belkin launches cheap water meter that can detect usage and leaks anywhere at home

Nowadays most of our appliances and gadgets are becoming smarter which includes smart lights, smart blinds, smart microwaves, smart locks, and so on. The...

Baidu overtakes Google as world’s second player in Global Smart-Speaker Market

China's smart speaker market leader Baidu has recently overtaken Google as the second-largest player by shipments in the second quarter of 2019, according to...
waymo robot taxi service

Reportedly drivers have complaints regarding Waymo robot taxi service

Earlier, Waymo's which is owned by Google parent Alphabet has launched a self-driving ride-hailing service. But it looks like some of the drivers are...
Chromebook enterprise laptops

Google and Dell team up to help push new Chromebook Enterprise laptops into business

Google is now launching a new Chromebook enterprise device that will draw more attention to Google's devices instead of windows powered laptops. Because Microsoft...
Siri recordings

Apple contractors were listening to 1,000 Siri recordings per shift

Previously, the five tech companies from Facebook to Microsoft and now Apple have been caught to secretly using human contractors, in order to listen...

Toyota is planning to go for battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles for the 2020 olympics

The Olympics and Paralympics are scheduled to be held in Tokyo next year. The official automaker and fleet provider Toyota has planned a massive...